About Us

Benanzer Custom Homes

Benanzer Custom Homes is a family-owned business that has been in operation for over 25 years. We strive to provide great service to our customers in new construction, rental homes, and remodeling. Please contact a sales associate today to find your new home or to begin your new project!
Chuck and Cassy Benanzer
Chuck Benanzer is the Founder and President of Benanzer Custom Homes with home building experience for over 25 years and more than 35 years of construction experience. Chuck, the youngest of ten children, helped on the family farm from a young age and led his own team of workers, clearing wooded lots before and after school at the age of sixteen. After high school, Chuck furthered his education at Indiana Bible College where he met his wife, Cassy. Chuck and Cassy married, graduated from college, and moved to Chuck’s hometown of Greenville, Ohio where they later started a family and their own business. Cassy Benanzer, second oldest of seven children, grew up across the bridge from Cincinnati in Covington, Kentucky. As a teenager, Cassy worked in a bakery in the city and the Baldwin Piano Company and later taught at a Christian school after college. Throughout the years, Cassy has been an asset to the Benanzer family business with her help on different operations in the field and office. Chuck and Cassy are involved at their local church, are active members of the Darke County Chamber of Commerce, were named 2005 Republican of the Year, and the creators of a humanitarian relief organization in the Dominican Republic.
Derrick and Courtenay Robinson
Derrick Robinson is the Vice President and Director of Operations of Benanzer Custom Homes. Derrick and Courtenay met in bible college in St. Louis, got married in 2010, and moved home to Greenville from New Orleans in the summer of 2013 to help Chuck and Cassy Benanzer further the family construction and real-estate business. Derrick grew up in Atlanta, Georgia with his older brother Darren, and parents Darryl and Christine Robinson. Growing up, Derrick achieved the rank of Eagle Scout, the highest attainable award through the Boy Scouts of America. No stranger to hard work and leading a team, Derrick did odd jobs to put himself
through school such as snow removal, lawn care, and sales. After college, Derrick worked for Airtran Airways and then moved on to a management position with Flowers Baking Company in Louisiana. Courtenay, the oldest daughter of Chuck and Cassy Benanzer, grew up in the Greenville school district where she played girls softball and the clarinet for several years before being homeschooled her freshman year of high school in order to travel. Courtenay attended Edison Community College in high school, Gateway Bible College, Indiana University East, and South Eastern Louisiana University to complete her Bachelors Degree in Social Work. Her degree helped distinguish Courtenay in human relations as the personable face of the day-to-day business as Associate Office Administrator, and equipped her with oral and written communication skills as well as leadership and office management abilities. Courtenay is a Sunday school teacher at EUM church and she and Derrick are involved with the Darke County Chamber of Commerce. Current projects include their personal home in Greenville, Harvest Fields Subdivision of Arcanum, and new construction and remodeling in numerous other Ohio and Indiana cities. You can reach Derrick or Courtenay via office phone at (937)-548-5053. 
Chelsey Benanzer
Chelsey Benanzer is Assistant Office Administrator with Benanzer Custom Homes. In this role, Chelsey helps coordinate all aspects of daily business, including employee payroll, rental management, and business strategies. A big believer in local business, Chelsey supports the Darke County Chamber of Commerce. Chelsey is no stranger to office administration having spent the last eight years as an office secretary and supervisor, which taught her the importance of teamwork, organization, and business conduct. Chelsey is a qualified Business Administrator and holds a Biblical Studies Degree with a 
Minor in Social Science from Indiana Bible College. Prior to joining her family’s construction business, Chelsey spent five years as a student intern, Business Office Administrator and Financial Office Administrator at Indiana Bible College in Indianapolis. Before joining IBC in 2010, Chelsey worked for Benanzer in High School doing a range of office duties including data entry, filing, and phone correspondence.